KNI A/S Group

KNI A/S is owned by the Government of Greenland, and consists of the energy company Polaroil, the retail chain Pilersuisoq, the slaughterhouse Neqi, the wholesale company KNI Engros and the webshop

logo-polaroil-mid.png Polaroil operates tank installations throughout Greenland, and supplies the country with liquid fuels and with energy, chemical and gas products.
logo-pilersuisoq-mid.png Pilersuisoq is Greenland's largest retail chain, with outlets in towns and villages all over the country. Pilersuisoq also operates duty-free shops.
logo-engros-mid.png KNI Engros sells and distributes products to companies and institutions throughout Greenland.
logo-neqi-mid.png At Neqi, meat products, mainly lamb from local sheep farms, are slaughtered, processed and developed.
logo-pisisa-mid.png All Greenland’s webshop,, offers thousands of non-food products at competitive prices.

KNI A/S • J.M. Jensenip Aqq. 2 • 3911 Sisimiut
T +299 86 24 44 • E