Our mission

- A stronger agricultural sector at the edge of the inland ice


Neqi wishes to be a valuable partner in the development of agriculture in Greenland. We see great potential in developing a stronger agricultural sector, involving not only sheep, but also cattle and the cultivation of root crops and other vegetables.

Today, most of our meat is sold to retailers on the domestic market, but thanks to their fine taste and quality, Greenlandic meat products are also in demand in other countries. However, difficult logistics have so far made it hard to sell products at competitive prices outside Greenland. Neqi aims to change that in the coming years.

The fertile areas of South Greenland not only provide the ideal conditions for raising cattle, but also for cultivating much-coveted vegetables – despite the cold climate, or even precisely because of it.

Ever since a new gastronomic agenda was set by the creative use of local ingredients in New Nordic cuisine, leading chefs and gourmets in Greenland and the rest of the world have shown an ever-increasing interest in Greenlandic ingredients. Neqi aims to exploit this interest in the coming years.


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