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Today, we slaughter just over 23,000 Greenlandic lambs every year, and process the meat into a wide range of high-quality products which are mostly sold to retailers in Greenland.

In co-operation with the the chain stores Pilersuisoq, Pisiffik and Brugsen, we are working to develop new quality products, cuts and packaging to suit the needs of the retail sector in Greenland. These include the traditional cuts of lamb, including leg, back, cutlets and schnitzels, as well as giblets such as liver and heart. On top of this we produce a number of delicatessen products and specialties.

Production at Neqi takes place under extremely hygienic conditions. The quality, fat content and tenderness of the meat are continuously monitored, and veterinary inspectors supervise and approve all processes. Everyone makes great efforts to ensure the high quality and fine taste of Neqi lamb.

A small number of employees are permanently employed all year round, while in the peak season we employ more than 100 people, primarily from the local area.

Up until now, Neqi has almost exclusively slaughtered lamb from the sheep farms of the district. KNI did invested DKK 40 million in a modern slaughterhouse, which get´s completed in 2013. This will increase the company’s efficiency, and thereby its earnings potential. The slaughterhouse’s capacity will also be significantly expanded, so that it can handle other animals as the agricultural industry develops in the area.


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