Our history

- A new chapter opens in our long history


Like the rest of KNI, the history of Pilersuisoq can be traced right back to 1774, when the Royal Greenland Trade Department (KGH) was founded.

For more than 200 years all of KGH's shops were operated from Copenhagen, and were locally and regionally managed through a system of state-appointed district and trading managers. After the introduction of Home Rule for Greenland in 1979, things began to change. In 1992, the two chain stores Pisiffik and Pilersuisoq were founded: Pisiffik in those towns where the preconditions existed for carrying on commercial trade on a competitive basis, and Pilersuisoq in all the smaller towns, villages and outlying districts. In 2001 Pisiffik was acquired by private investors, while Pilersuisoq took over the Pisiffik shops in the towns of Nanortalik, Narsaq, Paamiut and Qasigiannguit. In 2002, Pilersuisoq also took over the shops in the two international airports in Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq.

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