Our task

- Good business acumen


Our 66 shops in the towns and villages contain a wide variety of food items, clothing, household equipment, and fishing and hunting gear. The range varies from shop to shop, in accordance with local needs and good business acumen.

We supply to everyone – down to the smallest villages. Our deliveries are made by sea and air. In a country where many towns and villages are almost inaccessible for a large part of the year due to frozen fjords and harbours, this requires more than ordinary good planning. Efficient logistics and the ability to anticipate needs are therefore a high priority for Pilersuisoq.

In many places the local shop is the hub of village life, and the population is dependent on our ability to deliver the goods all year round – a task which is somewhat different to that of retail outlets elsewhere in the world, and a responsibility that we do our utmost to live up to.

In many places, in addition to retail sales, the shops also fulfil a number of service functions, such as that of bank, post office, ship berth, heliport, etc..


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