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Polaroil is KNI's energy division, and the largest oil supply company in Greenland.

As Greenland is a society undergoing rapid change, it is dependent on companies that are able – often under extreme conditions – to link the entire vast country with deliveries of vital supplies. One of these companies is Polaroil, for whom the words safety and responsibility are deeply inscribed in both the company’s objects clause and in the minds of all of its employees.

Polaroil operates a total of 69 plants, divided between 16 tank installations in the towns, 52 tank installations in the villages, and one import installation. All of the towns and villages have storage facilities for lubricating oils and gases.

The company’s headquarters is located in Sisimiut.

Polaroil is managed by energy director Githa Brask Olsen.


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T +299 86 24 44 • E info@kni.gl