Our mission

- Safety and responsibility are keywords


The administrators of the tank installations in the individual towns and village are the representatives of the company’s management in those districts. There are tank installations in 16 towns and 52 villages.


Polaroil is implementing modernization of the company these years. We became ISO 9001 certified in 2011, and subsequently we were ISO 14001 certified in November 2013, we are now living up to the highest international standards of quality management and environmental management. We have altered the organisation’s focus from the monopoly-controlled supply company of former times to a modern, customer focuses company: an organisation that not only adapts to changes in society, but is itself an important part of this development.

Tank installations

With 455 tanks at 69 sites throughout Greenland, there is a constant need for ongoing technical inspections – a task which, like all our other responsibilities, is handled with the utmost focus on safety for human beings and the environment.


The ships that Polaroil uses for the distribution of fuel along the coastlines of Greenland has the Ice Class 1A. The ship used to import fuel to Greenland has the Ice Class GL E3 corresponding to Lloyd´s 1A. Fuel is imported in the period between April and November to Kangerluarsoruseq, Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq, and Sisimiut.

Further, the ships are in compliance with international standards and requirements from authorities regarding sailing in  the Arctic region.

Safety and responsibility

Safety and responsibility are the key words for Polaroil – which includes ensuring that our deliveries have the right properties. The products we supply in Greenland are not standard products. Arctic gas oil, for example, is a special product which is able to withstand very low temperatures. In addition to complying with all international environmental standards, all of our products are carefully tailored to match the specific application, storage and climatic conditions that apply in Greenland.

The storage, processing and transportation of fuels in the Arctic is subject to very strict safety and environmental rules – expertise which Polaroil has been building up for many years, in close collaboration with international suppliers and shipping companies.

The environment

Polaroil operates in a high arctic area which is vulnerable to oil pollution. Furthermore, fishing and hunting continues as primary provider to Greenland. Because of the climatic conditions, which can be extreme, it requires great expertise to handle liquid fuels and other petroleum products in Greenland. A high degree of responsibility for the vulnerable environment is therefore firmly rooted in all employees.


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