Our task

- Stabil distribution and stabil prices


We purchase, transport, store, distribute and sell liquid fuels adapted to consumer needs and the environment – all year round, and for the whole of Greenland. The fuels involved are mainly gas oils, aircraft fuel, paraffin and petrol. It is also Polaroil’s task to secure stable prices on the Greenlandic fuel market, and the lowest possible costs.

Local distribution of liquid fuels in the towns is handled partly by Polaroil’s own organisation, and partly through agreements with local oil dealers. In the villages, distribution is handled by Polaroil’s sister organisation, Pilersuisoq.

A new business area is providing services to the international companies who have begun operating in oil exploration and mining in Greenland.


KNI A/S • J.M. Jensenip Aqq. 2 • 3911 Sisimiut
T +299 86 24 44 • E info@kni.gl