Our policies

- Focusing on safety, people and the environment


Quality policy

Polaroil views quality as the customers' overall experience of our services. Customers mainly assess our services on the following parameters:

  • Delivery on time
  • Compliance with minimum stocks
  • Correct technical product quality
  • Respect for the environment
  • Competent, fast and friendly service.

Polaroil will:

  • Meet customer requirements and expectations towards quality
  • Measure and improve quality on an ongoing basis
  • Involve employees in improvement activities
  • Develop the skills and attitudes of staff members
  • Comply with applicable requirements as set out in legislation and conventions.

Environmental policy

Polaroil operates along the coast of Greenland with a vulnerable arctic environment. Any pollution affects our food larder, and the environment restores itself only slowly. Protection of the environment is therefore of great importance.

Polaroil will continually work to minimize the impact of our daily operations to the environment, strengthen accident prevention measures, and improve accident contingency.

Polaroil will continuously work to ensure that all our employees is aware of environmental concerns, and that this is reflected in our daily actions.

Polaroil include environmental considerations when chosing products, suppliers and partners.

Polaroil will meet and comply with applicable legislation and international standards, and work to be even more protective of the environment.

Safety policy

Polaroil's safety policy is to create a workplace that is healthy and safe to work and move around in. The goal is a company in which all employees feel that they are valued as whole individuals, each with their own strengths and contributions to make to the company.

  • The applicable legislation must always be the minimum standard for the safety level of the company, and improvements should continually be made
  • Safety procedures and operating instructions must be followed at all times
  • Securing a safe workplace is the primary responsibility of senior management
  • Safety and the working environment are given equal priority with finance and sales
  • Safety is a line responsibility
  • All accidents and incidents must be reported to senior management for further attention
  • It pays to prevent and avoid accidents and mishaps
  • Safety awareness starts with the chief executive
  • Information on accidents and near-accidents must be issued to the whole organisation
  • All employees must work to improve their own safety and that of their colleagues.


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