KNI A/S' whistleblower

As an employee or partner in KNI, you can help us fight corruption, corporate crime and sexual abuse. Every violation report is important and helps prevent financial loss and damage to our reputation. With your help, we can ensure our integrity and reliability and thus also our success.

‘The purpose of the whistleblower is to ensure that an impartial and independent party can receive information about possible illegalities or serious irregularities in KNI without fear of employment law reactions.

Our whistleblower scheme has been established at the law firm Arctic Law Greenland ApS.

Our whistleblower scheme is handled by an external party that is independent of KNI.

Here is the link to Whistleblower:

When you click on the link, you will automatically enter Arctic Law Greenland's website and directly on to the Whistleblower Scheme.

Here you type:
Username: KNI
Password: KNI

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